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ChatBot - Bedarfsanalyse und Use Case Definition

Bei der Planung eines ChatBots ist die Bedarfsanalyse die erste Phase. Es ist wichtig zu entscheiden, ob ein ChatBot wirklich eine notwendige Lösung ist, bevor man Zeit und Geld in seine Entwicklung investiert. Im Prinzip könnte jedes Unternehmen einen ChatBot einsetzen, aber manchmal kann es sinnvoller sein, andere Aktivitäten…

KI-Vorhersagen für 2023

Das Forbes Magazin hat zehn Vorhersagen für die Entwicklung von KI Themen im Business für 2023 getroffen. Unter anderem geht es um die Veröffentlichung von GPT-4 und darum, dass Daten für Sprachmodelle knapp werden.


Merry Christmas

We thank you for the good cooperation and wish you a relaxing Christmas and a successful and healthy start into the new year!


Merry Christmas

We wish all customers, friends and business partners a Merry Christmas and a successful and healthy start into the New Year!


Advent calendar meets live chat & chatbot

We believe that customer support should not simply be a means to an end. Rather, customer support is an opportunity to set your business apart. With the Advent Calendar extension, we combine the benefits of the Online Advent Calendar, which is very popular with customers, with ChatBot.


Smart ChatBots are the perfect helpers

We stream music, watch series and movies only online, order the cab via app, send voice messages to our friends and post photos on social media. And everything is geared to our preferences. We live in a mobile, user-based world.


5 Key Elements for Successful ChatBots

Through automation and artificial intelligence, chatbots help increase sales without the need for an additional employee. There are 5 key elements that make chatbots successful. These are the elements you should focus on when creating your website chatbot.


Web-based self-service for a better customer experience

We live in a world of instant wish fulfillment. One-click ordering, next-day delivery, instant access to music, movies without interruption, podcasts on every imaginable topic, video guides and tutorials for all problems - everything is always available.


ChatBot deployment is future-oriented

In the past year, chatbots have experienced a major upswing. Companies from a wide range of industries are relying on the support of intelligent dialog systems to optimize customer communication. In the following blog article, we look at the most important reasons why chatbots will play an even greater role in the...

November updates

New features were added to the ChatBot platform again in November. Besides the customization in the live chat backend, we made further improvements and introduced new features.

5 Functions for an IT Helpdesk Bot

An IT helpdesk bot can lead to a great relief. The bot can answer recurring questions immediately, is available around the clock and relieves the IT support staff.


AI applications for case processing

With the AI Toolbox for Doers, the joint project "SmartAIwork" presents five practical online tools that support companies on their way to digital transformation. ChatBot4You is among them.

ChatBot KPIs - targeted optimization

With the right ChatBot KPIs, the potential can be fully exploited. For a targeted and continuous optimization, the performance of a ChatBot must be evaluated.

Create Intents - Video Tutorial

In this tutorial, our virtual assistant Mila shows you how to create intents for individual question groups.

Six steps to the first ChatBot

Get started with your first AI application with a ChatBot from ChatBot4You. In many companies, customer queries are often repetitive and also relatively easy to answer. Perfect conditions for a first ChatBot...

Set up GDPR dialog

In this tutorial, our virtual assistant Mila shows how to set up the GDPR dialog in ChatBot.

Why companies should use chatbots

More and more companies are using ChatBots to serve their customers and sell their products and services. Build necessary expertise in the ChatBot universe and stay relevant to your customers.

The 5 biggest advantages of ChatBots in companies

ChatBots are proving to be useful tools in customer support, which is why many companies are already using ChatBots for customer queries.

ChatBot & Live Chat is it worth it?

A ChatBot is used in companies for various tasks. It is to be regarded as a separate and independent unit within corporate communications. The focus of a ChatBot is on the conversation with customers. For success, a holistic view from both the solution and the...

Botsanality the most natural way of interaction

An important point in communicating with a ChatBot is that people tend to project character traits onto the ChatBot as well. You should not leave this to the customer's imagination alone. You can actively and consciously control this process via a botsanality.

ChatBots need more than AI

Chatbots have become a significant technology for retailers when it comes to customer support and customer experience. There are plenty of reasons why it is worthwhile to use it at the interface between companies and their customers.

ChatBots boost retail sales

ChatBot-based interactions will drive retail sales from $7.3 billion in 2019 to $112 billion in 2023.

Customer communication 2020

Digitization is not bypassing customer service. In order for companies to keep up with the speed and requirements in customer support, constantly growing channels and changes must be taken into account.


Communication as a sales tool

No matter if you are a company, a retailer or a service provider, with ChatBots you stand out from your competition. Because if there are comparable products or services on the market, a single click is enough and the customer is gone from your website.


Interaction between human and ChatBot

LiveChat functions, direct entry into ongoing bot conversations, handover to another employee or back to the ChatBot.


Why SMBs should deploy chatbots now

Do you count yourself among the SMEs? Have you ever thought about the topic of chatbots and their possible applications? You should not hesitate but act now. Why? We'll shed some light on that in this article.

When the ChatBot is stuck

How do fallback answers work? and how should I proceed if the ChatBot cannot give an answer?


How does the ChatBot learn?

How can the ChatBot actually respond to questions posed by your customers? Do all possible question combinations have to be created in advance?


How the ChatBot can reply

A ChatBot can only output short texts? Far from it! With a ChatBot from ChatBot4You you have many more answering options at your disposal.


ChatBots enhance the customer experience

Today's communication channels are digital. The age of communication by letter, telephone or even fax is over. Customers rate companies according to how quickly they receive a response. A positive customer experience has become an important factor for companies.

ChatBot enhance answer with buttons

With ChatBot4You platform you can format and combine answers of your bot differently. You can create alternatives so that even with repeated questions the answers vary. You can use images, links and smilies and add choice buttons to the answers.

ChatBots are not all-rounders!

The ChatBot has a specific task. A ChatBot is supposed to provide support in case of problems, advise on sales in the online store, replace FAQ lists or answer specific questions about products and provide assistance. However, a ChatBot is not a jack of all trades!


Set up callback request

In this tutorial we will show you how to set up a callback request with ChatBot4You.

Overfitting and underfitting

In our ChatBot Academy, we regularly explain industry terms. Today: Overfitting and Underfitting - Two Serious Errors in Machine Learning Models

Good reasons for the use of ChatBots

Companies that use artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, and automation generally experience an increase in customer satisfaction.

How the ChatBot learns to speak

ChatBots are on everyone's lips. No wonder: They are fast, responsive around the clock and easy to use for your customers - just start the chat and off you go.

ChatBot Academy: Conversational Interface

In the ChatBot Academy we regularly explain the terms of the industry. Today: Conversational Interfaces - what does that actually mean and what does it have to do with communication?

ChatBots and the Customer Journey

Chatbots are used along the customer journey when their artificial intelligence enables them to "simulate" human actions. They relieve employees and offer a 24-hour service.

Live chat ensures customer proximity

Today, the majority of communication takes place via messenger services. Telephoning is out, texting is in. Whether via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, messages are sent in text form or by voice input. It's fast, easy and has long since established itself as the standard form of communication.

ChatBot - what is KPI

There are parallels between ChatBot and other communication channels such as e-mail or live chats. However, when it comes to measuring success, the same applies here - in order to be able to measure success, you should know which key figures you need to use.

ChatBots and data mining in e-commerce

As a store operator, you have the opportunity to collect a lot of data about the users of your website. However, the great abundance of data alone does not provide useful information. In order to gather important insights, targeted analyses must be carried out.

How your ChatBot attracts customers like a magnet

Numerous case studies prove how chatbots make customer dialog more efficient, increase sales, and boost customer loyalty. A ChatBot is a marketing and sales tool in its own right. As with the other tools in your marketing mix, target audience, goals, and KPI are relevant.

ChatBots in Conversational Commerce

Well-functioning ChatBots can effectively relieve a company's employees and give them the time to focus on important work content.

ChatBots take over

2019 will be the year of the chatbot. They have recently appeared in many places and are making their way into the digital marketing strategies of companies.

ChatBot & Live Chat or both?

Live Chat & ChatBots with artificial intelligence - the unbeatable combination for your customer support. With the live chat function of ChatBot4You you can intervene in the conversations of your ChatBot at any time.

ChatBots are as good as your training data

The quality of a ChatBot depends, apart from the programming and artificial intelligence, essentially on the training data that is available to the ChatBot. But what exactly is training data and where do you get it?

ChatBots - this is how information works today

A ChatBot is an inspiring, technical innovation that can be used to improve products and service, among other things.

ChatBot conception

A ChatBot with artificial intelligence can be a great helper for companies. However, in order to use a ChatBot profitably, some essential points need to be defined in advance. This article will help you conceptualize your first ChatBot.

Do I need a ChatBot?

Do your employees have to answer repetitive questions on the phone? Do customers have to dig through long lists on your website to get the information they need? A ChatBot can help you automate these workflows, reduce the workload on your employees, and get your customers to the information they need quickly and...

5 tips for the perfect chatbot

A chatbot must be effective and valuable for your target audience. Keep the following 5 tips in mind when developing your bot and create a personalized and fun value-added experience for your customers.

No customer calls me

Do people even pick up the phone nowadays? Yes, they do! But not as a first step. Before the call comes the search for information on the Internet. If you have a poor presence here, you won't get the call either.

Natural Language Processing

Machine processing of natural language, or NLP for Natural Language Processing, aims to simplify natural communication between humans and machines.

Using ChatBots in Retail

A ChatBot is a permanently available service representative for your online presence who can answer frequently asked questions, offer help with problems and showcase your offers.

Neural Networks - Part 1

A machine with human-like intelligence is fascinating, but at the same time it can also be frightening. Time and again, dystopian fantasies and fears arise, even though artificial intelligence can make everyday life much easier.

Resignation digital middle class

The spectre of digitization? Knowledge, information and service are coming to the fore. Digital transformation is already a reality. Small and medium-sized enterprises must not close their eyes.

ChatBots - the perfect little helpers

The use of messenger services is now higher than the use of social networks. Messenger services are the preferred communication channels. Chatbots occupy precisely these channels. Customers can contact your company in the way they prefer. Chatbots save time, money and resources.

Neural Networks - Part 2

Computers are not particularly clever machines by nature. They understand zeros and ones, current flows or current does not flow. They accept input, perform calculations and deliver an output. Can they really be intelligent?

Now come the bots!

In contrast to the massively available apps, chatbots rely on already known and established messenger services and can take over tasks for which one had to use several apps at once in the past.

What actually is AI?

The abbreviation AI stands for artificial intelligence (AI). In recent years, AI has provided an enormous development boost in entrepreneurial practice and is referred to as the next industrial revolution.

The user in front of the computer disappears!

We can increasingly say goodbye to the narrow idea of the user sitting in front of the computer. Mobile devices have already significantly changed digital business.

App fatigue is predicted

There are countless apps. Both for the iPhone and for Android devices, the market is now unmanageable. Despite the increasing number of apps, however, a certain app fatigue is setting in among users.

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