Advent calendar meets live chat & chatbot

The extension for your ChatBot

1st Online Advent Calendar

Advent, Advent a little light burns. Not only children's eyes light up in the run-up to Christmas, but adults also enjoy the little gifts that people give each other. An Advent calendar has become an indispensable part of the Christmas season for many people.

An online advent calendar is a great way to appeal to customers and give them a treat. By opening a door every day, customers will keep coming back to your website and you can keep them informed about your offer on a regular basis. Moreover, it is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and create a personal connection.

2. live chat & chatbot

Live chat and artificial intelligence chatbot are some of the most advanced technologies available to improve customer service. These tools allow companies to proactively respond to customer inquiries to provide better customer service. The use of chatbots can significantly reduce the workload for customer service representatives and help answer customer queries faster and more efficiently.

ChatBot4You's chatbot is equipped with artificial intelligence and can help your customers with many questions in an automated way. It understands natural language and is able to communicate with customers effortlessly. Through its intelligent processing of information, it can give your customers exactly the help they need.

The chatbot system simplifies communication with your customers. Artificial intelligence ensures that questions from customers are answered automatically and around the clock. This allows you to focus on the essentials and continue to run your business successfully.

ChatBot4You takes care of the routine tasks like answering frequently asked questions, so you can focus on the important things.

3. the online advent calendar innovation

Chatbot4You is a customer support tool that uses live chat and artificial intelligence to provide the best possible experience for your customers. We believe that customer support should no longer be simply a means to an end, but an opportunity to set your business apart.

With the Advent Calendar extension, we combine the advantages of the online Advent calendar, which is very popular with customers, with the ChatBot. The advent calendar starts directly in the chat window and customers can use the doors in chat form in their familiar environment. Customers can open doors, answer quiz questions and participate in raffles. And all this in your customer support chat.

This way, customers can also get to know your ChatBot or your customer support. The ChatBot supports this with active triggers and presents the current door as soon as the website is opened. This encourages customers to visit the site every day. You can place your advertising messages in the little doors and hold competitions. Customers can also subscribe to your newsletter if they participate.

The calendar is fully pre-configured with 24 doors and a quiz in each door and ready to use. Of course, you can customize each door and replace it with your own content.

4. benefit for companies

But why choose an online ChatBot advent calendar in this day and age?

Here are 5 reasons for the ChatBot Advent Calendar

  1. There are no limits - no matter where you are or how far away your customers are, with an online advent calendar you can always stay in touch
  2. There are almost endless possibilities to design the individual doors and to provide them with content - from gifts to vouchers to photos or videos, everything is possible.
  3. It can be personalized - you can completely customize the Advent calendar and adapt it to your needs.
  4. It's interactive - your customers can interactively open a door every day via your mobile devices and take part in your promotions
  5. It is time-saving - the calendar is ready to use and fully configured. Especially in the often stressful pre-Christmas period, an online Advent calendar saves time and effort.

5. conclusion

An online Advent calendar is a great way to increase the anticipation of Christmas. The Christmas spirit gets a little bigger every day and the excitement of what's behind the next door encourages daily visits.

Your customers come back every day and open a little door full of anticipation and you can interactively and very flexibly point out current offers or promotions or simply say thank you to your customers.

At the same time, you have the unique opportunity to use ChatBot and Live Chat to enter into direct customer contact, point out news or answer your customers' questions in real time.

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