Content marketing with chatbots

Content marketing in the right place at the right time

Convince with content

Nowadays, your visitors expect content with added value. Enhance your communication strategy with valuable content and convince them with relevant information at the right time and in the right place.

Here's a brief overview of content marketing and why chatbots are perfect for it.

What is content marketing?

In content marketing, the focus is on added value for the user, who is provided with suitable information in a targeted manner at the appropriate place.

This extra content can be played out, for example, when your customers

  • Go to a specific page
  • Click on a link
  • Scroll to a specified position on your web page
  • stay on a page for a certain period of time
  • want to leave the site

In this way, you provide your customers with assistance whenever they need it.

Play out content in a targeted way for your customers

In addition to answering customer questions, the ChatBot can also actively deliver content to your customers. It can provide help or useful information and draw your customers' attention to new offers.

For this purpose, you can equip the ChatBot with additional content. The ChatBot can play out the messages in a targeted and active manner and thus support your customers in the ordering process. The content can be linked to individual subpages of your website so that the ChatBot issues targeted notifications when customers call up a certain URL on your website or carry out a certain activity. The content can be played after a defined number of seconds and during a defined period of time. 

When visiting this page, for example, a message with a link to another interesting blog article is played after 15 seconds.

Lead generation with chatbots

Prospects should not only become aware of your company, they should become potential buyers. In order for a prospect to become a lead, they must express an interest in buying and leave personal information such as an email address or phone number for further interaction. With the ChatBot, you can address your website visitors directly.

Before customers make a concrete purchase decision, they usually gather extensive information. Customers inform themselves not only about the product, but also about customer relations and the buying experience. The chatbot helps to reach customers already during their customer journey and to address them in a targeted manner.

Customer Experience

Customers want quick solutions to their problems and are also open to new technologies - especially if they promise a quick solution. As many support teams handle a large number of requests, it is not always possible to answer questions immediately, no matter how simple they are.

ChatBots help to shorten waiting times and get customers to their destination faster. They are always available and can conduct multiple conversations at the same time. They can provide quick answers to all queries, especially when it comes to answering simple questions. 

Instead of calling the company to ask about opening hours, the customer can ask their question via chat and get their answer in seconds. In the case of complicated questions, the ChatBot can put the customer through to a member of staff or tell the customer that his question will be answered later by e-mail. In any case, the customer is closer to solving his problem in an uncomplicated way and does not end up in long queues.

Customer journey

"The customer is king" - to live up to this guiding principle, the customer journey must be designed to the customer's complete satisfaction. In addition to classic advertising and social media marketing, the customer journey also includes all touch points that were not initiated by the company itself. It represents the complete "travel route" of the customer from the first contact with a product, a brand or a company to a defined action - for example the purchase of the product.

Chatbots can be used along the entire customer journey and improve the customer's experience. With a chatbot, you can not only provide information and respond to customers' questions in an automated way, you can also offer targeted support in the buying process, play out discount codes, use cross- and up-selling methods and support customer service. 

A ChatBot offers opportunities along the entire customer journey to promote touch points with customers. 

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