Communication ChatBots with WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business

Offer the best customer service in the world's most popular messenger.

Customers today expect fast and individual customer service with added value. You prefer the channels for communication with companies that you also use for your private communication. With the WhatsApp Business connection from ChatBot4You, you provide an even higher quality of service and a real-time problem solution. At the same time, you reduce costs and save valuable resources. 

Live Chat & ChatBots

for the best customer support

  • Customer service in person & directly via Messenger
  • Live chat function and chatbots via the ChatBot4You backend
  • reachable under your company telephone number
  • No company smartphone necessary
  • artificial intelligence
  • automated conversation
  • high service quality

Wide range of applications

With WhatsApp Business and ChatBots you are closer and faster to your customers. Whether sending order and delivery information, appointment reminders, uncomplicated customer support, sending pick-up information or payment links, the application possibilities are manifold.

WhatsApp Business with multiple users

With ChatBots from ChatBot4You, you can operate WhatsApp on multiple devices and with multiple users at the same time. Chat with your customers as a team, hand over chats to a colleague or take over a chat. With ready-made answers, you can respond to recurring questions with just one click. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the ChatBot answers fully automatically or gives you suggestions for suitable answers in the live chat.

  • work as a team
  • fast response times
  • Assign chats to a colleague
  • Take over chats and support colleagues
  • Artificial intelligence supports 
  • Templates for quick answers
  • Notes 

Chat with our ChatBot via WhatsApp

You have three ways to contact us via WhatsApp:

  1. Save our phone number in your contacts and write us a message to +49 5651 9529126
  2. Scan the QR code on the right with your phone to start a WhatsApp chat directly on your smartphone.
  3. Chat with us on the computer - via the browser or with the installed WhatsApp application

    WhatsApp Web-Browser DESKTOP-APP

Premium functions  

Complete routine tasks with AI assisted responses, modern design and many features for any industry.

Marketing or recruiting - everything is possible with our ChatBots.

All the most important functions are listed here: All functions.


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