Step by step to the first ChatBot

Set up ChatBot - first steps

Setting up a ChatBot is not trivial, but much easier than you probably think. We have listed the essential basics and steps you should go through for your ChatBot here.


The complete FAQ with many more topics can be found here:

Set up GDPR dialog

Implement GDPR information requirements

Set up appointment calendar

Scheduling with the ChatBot

Flow Editor Basics

Create complex dialogs visually

Website Tour

Your ChatBot presents the website

Basic information about the conception of a ChatBot

Creating a ChatBot with the modular system of ChatBot4You is very simple. However, before setting up a ChatBot, some basic questions must be clarified. For the optimal use of a ChatBot, the basic conditions must be defined. Important is the purpose of use and the goal pursued with the use of the ChatBot. Is there already enough data available for the scenario? Which questions should the ChatBot answer and what are the answers? An initial, simple bot should be able to answer the recurring questions, transfer to an employee if needed, and list questions it cannot answer for later processing. We have summarized the basic considerations for using a ChatBot in the following blog articles:

  1. Why companies should use chatbots
  2. The 5 biggest advantages of ChatBots in companies
  3. ChatBots need more than AI
  4. Six steps to the first ChatBot
  5. ChatBot KPIs
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