Definition: Everything you need to know about a ChatBot!

Tasks and definition ChatBot

Definition: What is a chatbot and what are the tasks of a chatbot.

Here's everything you need to know about a ChatBot. A ChatBot usually answers questions that your customers type into a ChatWindow or Messenger (Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram). You need to teach the questions and answers to your ChatBot in advance. But don't worry, you don't have to enter all possible variations of a question - because thanks to artificial intelligence, ChatBot can also assign new phrases to your question catalog. Just enter a few alternative formulations and the ChatBot4You platform will do the rest for you. 

ChatBot definition

According to Wikipedia, a ChatBot, a Chatterbot or a bot for short is a text-based dialog system that allows chatting with a technical system. It has one area for text input and one for text output, which can be used to communicate in natural language with the system behind it. 

The history of ChatBots goes back to the 1960s. The program"Eliza" by Joseph Weizenbaum, developed between 1964 and 1966, is considered the first ChatBot. Eliza was intended to demonstrate the possibilities of communication between a human and a computer via natural language.

In the ensuing decades, numerous developers have used Weizenbaum's model to further develop human-like interactions with chatbots.

What are the main tasks of a ChatBot

Self-Service Point

We live in a world of instant wish fulfillment, everything should be available all the time.
Although there will always be a need for human communication and hands-on support, web-based self-service is no longer a trend, but rather an expected standard. Customers want instant access to everything they need to answer their questions.
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A Helpdesk ChatBot can lead to a great relief here. The bot can answer recurring questions immediately, is available around the clock and relieves your support staff. The support staff thus gain time and can turn their attention to more complex issues.
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Increase sales and generate leads

A ChatBot can proactively reach out to customers on the website and convert your visitors into leads. In addition to answering customer questions, the ChatBot can also actively push out content to your customers and target them.
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Increase customer loyalty and or customer satisfaction

ChatBots speed up the processing of customer requests, which also increases the satisfaction of your customers. Our ChatBot can also take over complex tasks and provides you with the results. All use cases are conceivable here, e.g.: Surveys, scheduling appointments for employees, requesting or saving customer-specific information, competitions and much more.
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The future of customer communication

The technology company Damovo, in collaboration with Pierre Audoin Consultants(PAC), conducted a study to shed light on the future of bots in customer service in 2025. For this purpose, 13 experts were interviewed, including AI specialists, representatives from the contact center sector, and representatives from science and research. The focus was on questions that, among other things, were intended to forecast the spread of service bots by the year 2025.

According to Georg Mack, managing director of Mack Consult, in six years, the "first customer service contact with the company will bedigital." Mack assumes that this contact will take place via a bot or a voice system, for example. Up to 60% of tasks could be taken over by service bots - but they will not completely replace humans.

Andrew Maher, evangelist in the area of customer experience, also largely agrees with this forecast and also assumes that transactions and tasks will be "increasingly taken over by bots" in the future. For human employees, this means that they will handle cases that are more demanding and require empathy.

In general, the bot business will evolve from hype to "business-as-usual" by 2025 - this is the view of Dr. Dirk Michelsen, Managing Consultant at IBM Watson. He assumes that communication with customers will split into two groups: Mass customers, who have standardized concerns, will be served by intelligent bots, while premium customers or more demanding cases will be handled by human agents.

Communication with customers in the area of support is developing ever faster in the direction of automation. 

The advantages of a chatbot

Chatbots offer numerous improvements for your business
and increases customer satisfaction.

  • Relief for the service team
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improved accessibility
  • Usable with any website

Chatbots can handle many customer requests at the same time,
so there is no waiting in line

  • Makes customers' hearts beat faster
  • Plugins for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
  • ChatBot support with artificial intelligence
  • Data pre-capture for faster support
  • DSGVO-compliant

Messenger channels

"Messaging is one of the few things people do more than social networking," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said back in 2015 at the company's annual f8 developer conference. And David Marcus, Vice President Messaging Products at Facebook, added: "I believe that messaging is the next big platform. In terms of time spent, attention, retention - this is where it's happening."

And they were right to do so, because messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, the Chinese WeChat or Telegram have become the most popular apps for billions of users. These apps are increasingly developing into platforms on which the services previously provided by websites and other apps are offered. This is accompanied by a simultaneous decline in the willingness to install new apps. 

The programs that provide these additional services in a messenger are called messenger bots. It is already possible to communicate with companies using messenger bots. There are no restrictions due to fixed opening hours, annoying waiting loops or upstream call centers.

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How artificial intelligence works

For example, in the simple ChatBot4You question overview, create the following question:
"How much does this cost?"
in addition, enter some alternative phrases for this question such as:
"How much does this cost?", "How expensive is this?" and "What are the prices?"

This "question compound" is then part of the learning file for the ChatBot. Start the artificial intelligence, the ChatBot learns and the little miracle begins.

Then, when a customer asks, "What are the costs?"

the ChatBot can also assign this question and output the correct answer. In addition, it constantly learns with each request and your help and can answer customers' questions better and better in the future.

Artificial intelligence is important in terms of the ability to solve individual problems and helps to assign the different formulations of customers to a concrete problem.

However, a ChatBot should not be equated with a human being, because ChatBots usually do not pursue the goal of impersonating a human being. A chatbot is supposed to solve a specific problem, e.g., answer frequently asked customer queries automatically. It can only answer the questions for which it has been trained.

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How to create a ChatBot?

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